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About us

Our Story

Peru is known as being the pulse of the world, a place where man had begun a deep relationship with nature. From this deep respect and reverence, great wisdom, knowledge, truth and understanding was born.

We had heard many stories of how Shamans and the indigenous people had tapped into the sacred spirit of the plants.  Deep rituals and ceremonial practices kept them aligned to the divine intelligence that came from their discoveries with the plants and hence a rich culture and tradition was born.

These stories of insights found deep in the Amazon jungle and high up in the Andes mountains became our calling and thus we were drawn to visit Peru many times over to dive deep into these teachings for ourselves. The more we learned the more we grew spiritually and the more we felt compelled to share these findings with the people we met.

Now it is in the form of these plants with their potential to transform ones health and vibration that we want to offer them to you. Everyone has the right to heal and feel the abundance of well being that is derived from plant medicine. After experiencing them for ourselves it is therefore our duty to dedicate our path to ensuring everyone has the chance to try these plants that may of otherwise been impossible.

We are specialising in rare superfoods, shamanic plant baths, energising and relaxing teas, jungle remedies, aphrodisiacs and our prized gift palo santo  (Holy Wood).

More is to come for sure but for now there should be enough to allow a new door to open.




Our products

All our products are sourced from local farmers in the Amazon or the Andes. They are free from nuts, gluten, pesticides and fillers. They are also vegan and non-GMO since GMO is banned in Peru.

Products from the Amazon are wild harvested meaning they are wild, native and organic by their own nature and retain the positive attributes of plants grown in their normal habitat.

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