Extra Large Abalone Shell

Made in Peru Hong Kong

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Extra large, unpolished abalone shells are perfect to use as a holder for palo santo or for decorative purposes. 

Abalone shells hold the energy of the ocean and bring a strong calming and healing energy, allowing you to remain connected to the sea.

Including abalone shells in your rituals allows you to incorporate all four of the earth’s elements. The shell represents water, the smoke represents air, the unlit palo santo represents earth and when lit they represent fire. Pachamama (Mother Earth in Quechua language) becomes the focus of the ritual when the four elements are combined.

The shell may get hot if the lit palo santo has been resting on the shell for some time. To prevent this you may put a bit of sand on the bottom of the shell.

Each shell is natural and varies in size, shape and appearance.

Approximate size: 16cm x 13cm