Reishi Extract


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Reishi also known as Lingzhi is a medicinal mushroom which has been prized in Chinese culture for over 2000 years for their unmatched capacity to aid the body in constructing a powerful immune system, promoting hormonal adaptability and generally bringing the body back to a state of homeostasis. Our reishi is wild (very rare) and indigenous to the secondary flood forests in the Amazon. They are a special variety well adapted to their habitat. Each year the forest floods provide a very limited window for the mushrooms to grow and release their spores. These mushrooms are forced to prioritise quick growth in order to ensure the greatest quantity of spores released. In doing so, the mushrooms become more concentrated in number, softer, and quicker growing. Thus, they become more vulnerable to pests as the larger numbers attract more insects bringing more parasitic fungi and bacteria. The mushrooms make up for this by concentrating more energy into the production of their chemical defence mechanisms - these become the very concentrated medicinal constituents specific to our Amazonian reishi.



  • Reduce stress
  • Improved immunity
  • Enhanced focus and energy
  • Helps defend against tumour growth and cancer
  • Improves liver function and detoxification
  • Promotes heart health and balances blood pressure
  • Helps balance hormones and fights diabetes
  • Fights allergies and asthma
  • Reduces risk for infections and viruses


How to use:

Add 15-45 drops to any beverage 1-3 times a day. Use lower dose for regular daily usage and higher dose if fighting off illness. The extract is best taken with vitamin C as this helps with absorption as well as providing the building blocks to make use of the immune-enhancing and other properties.