The Puma Shamanic Drum

Made in Peru Hong Kong

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The puma is a symbol of strength, wisdom and intelligence. It represents 'Kay Pacha', a Quechua word that means 'the world of the living'. Its characteristics are patience and strength.

Cusco, Peru, once the capital of the Inca Empire when seen from above has the shape of a puma.

This beautiful shamanic drum was handmade by an Andean Shaman in Cusco, Peru using goat skin - an animal which is in abundance in the Andes.

This drum is extra special as the original hair from the goat is still attached all over the drum.

Uniquely hand painted by the Shaman's wife featuring sacred animals and symbols of Peru. The drums can be used as part of your ritual, making music, just for fun or for decoration. 

Each drum comes with a handmade drumstick and padded drum bag with strap. The drum bag is made with lliklla, a traditional Peruvian handwoven cloth.

Diameter: 40cm