Our Story


With our beloved Palo Santo trees. A 4 hour drive and 4 hour hike to find them. 


Made in Peru was born after a life changing visit to the Amazon jungle and a trek in the Andes. Feeling reborn and connected to nature I felt I was being guided into a different way of living which was in alignment with what Peru had given me and what it had to offer. 

Slowly but surely I was to find some of the treasures that Peru had created and brought them home to Hong Kong. It was not until the first trip back with my new found love, Crystal, that things began to really make traction. She like I had an eye for beauty but somehow she can sense whether it would work on a sensory level and whether it would be of value to the people at home. 

We mindfully curated artefacts and products which were practical and close to nature. For example, the alpaca products were made using traditional methods. The natural tones or usual bright colours, pattens, warmth and softness make it a sensory delight, a great gift and something that is actually going to be needed and used for a long time.

The Palo Santo collection we offer brings nature again from a point far from reach and application to where it's needed and can make a difference. Whether you use the oils for healing or the malas for spiritual practice or even use the famous burning of Palo Santo to change the surrounding energies, you are using powers inherent in nature to make a difference to the quality of life you live.

Like us, like life, the business is in constant flux, albeit with a few steady staples and ethical principles. It has to be. We must remain open to change, spontaneity and witness the process rather than be stuck in impractical ideals and rigid beliefs in a forever changing world.

With love & gratitude,

Crystal & Dale