Palo Santo Japa Mala

Made in Peru Hong Kong

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Made in Peru's beautiful malas are handmade with 108 palo santo beads along with an additional 109th bead known as a guru bead, the 109th. This bead is never passed over when used for meditation, when this bead is reached the student turns the mala around and starts in the opposite direction.

Palo santo can support us through challenging times - when we feel tired, exhausted and limited in how much we can do for ourselves and others. The sacred scent cleanses the mind and spirit, as well as clearing away low frequency and negative vibrations. The aroma invites us to tap into our capacities of unconditional love in our giving and receiving, just as the tree did and does through its cycle. It is grounding, calming and supports a clear mind for meditation.

Using a mala in meditation can help quiet the mind and body so that meditation can become more meaningful. During meditation, you may use a mala by calmly and silently counting each stone or bead silently through your fingers as you recite your chosen Mantra or affirmation.